Alcohol Rehab in New Hampshire

Alcohol addiction is easy to overlook due to the availability of the drink and the culture surrounding alcohol. Since the drink is readily available on the market and drinking is often related to socializing or evening meals, it is easy to become addicted to the drink. In New Hampshire, alcohol addiction is a problem that impacts many individuals.

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Addiction to alcohol is a major cause of treatment in New Hampshire each year. Among the men and women entering a rehabilitation center in New Hampshire, roughly 35 percent need help with alcohol addiction and another 25 percent are addicted to alcohol and another substance.

Although the figures for men and women in a treatment facility show that alcohol is a problem in New Hampshire, the rate of binge drinking is particularly worrisome. Binge drinking can lead to an addiction if it occurs on a regular basis. Surveys in the state suggest that binge drinking figures are much higher than addiction rates by almost three times the number of individuals involved.

Since alcohol addiction is a serious problem that can lead to health issues, relationship problems and early death when it is not treated, it is important to get help when an addiction develops. Rehab programs and help through anonymous group therapy is available to fight the temptation to drink.

Alcohol Rehab Programs

New Hampshire alcohol rehab accounts for a little more than 1/3 of all addiction cases within the state. As a result, some facilities for rehab focus on alcohol treatments and fighting the temptation to drink.

All alcohol rehab in New Hampshire will start with flushing the substance from the body. Detoxification usually takes around three to five days, but some individuals will need up to one week to fully remove the substance from the body. Withdrawal symptoms are typically managed by a medical doctor to prevent complications and make it a little easier to handle.

After removing the substance from the body, New Hampshire alcohol rehab will use a combination of educational programs, workshops, group therapy, individual counseling and a personalized treatment plan to get past the addiction. Continued care after completing the program is also provided, but the specifics of the program will vary based on the rehab center.

Fighting an addiction to alcohol is challenging, but alcohol rehab in New Hampshire can help. Professionals in the center offer advice, education and the support individuals need to take the first step to recovery.